My first car was a little Hyundai Accent. We zipped around everywhere together; road trips, cottages, Toronto traffic – we were boundless. One day, on the busiest highway in Toronto – the 401 –  she stopped, at 7:30 am, on the onramp off the 400. Havoc and honking ensued. My first feeling was, “I have let her down”. Oil change? Gas light? Check engine? What? As much as I depended on her for my freedom, I didn’t pay much attention to these flashing signals.

               The same idea can be applied to our bodies. For the majority, when a health concern arises, they may not question their part in it – the sickness/disease/condition seems to come from the outside, a germ, a job/partner/kids causing you to be stressed out all the time, or resignation to a tendency, or the idea of heredity.

               When you start paying attention, you can start to see the signals – interrupted sleep, a constant low grade anxiety, frequent sickness or general feeling of unwell, body pain, unsatisfactory relationships, and low energy.

               What are your signals? Become aware, to prevent your mode of freedom – your body – from going kaputz on you! Realize that your influence on your body/mind/spirit is a responsibility.