The auricular assessment allows me to check for areas in the body that harbour infections, like the teeth, sinuses, gallbladder, and prostate. These areas are small and walled off, making them prone to an imbalance in bacteria, and hard for the immune system to penetrate.

I checked my patient for a sinus blockage, as she reports chronic stuffiness, and decreased sense of smell. She had already limited/eliminated dairy consumption, with no decrease in mucus.

There indeed was a blockage in the sinuses, and in-office testing revealed it was due to the thyroid gland. This patient has been on synthroid, a thyroid pharmaceutical for decades, and blood work reports show all thyroid hormones in normal levels.

This is a great example of how patients still present with hypothyroid complaints even when they are medicated, and their blood work appears within the normal levels. As Naturopaths know, the blood results are unreliable, as levels change hourly throughout the day, and reference ranges in Canada are far too wide.

People who have chronic sinus infections (or a lowered immune system in general) often have an underactive thyroid, and imbalanced adrenal glands. The auricular assessment allowed me to easily find the best remedy for this patient and her sinus concerns – Thyrocode by physica energetics; a thyroid supporting homeopathic combination. A wonderful example of how treating the root cause may mean treating a different part of the body than you’d expect!