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German Medicine: Psychosomatic Energetics

Decades of research lead German physician, Dr. Reimar Banis, to develop technology that can be utilized in a clinical setting to identify the draining energetic influences and emotional conflicts that are believed to cause disease. The appropriate Rubimed™ therapy serves to resolve the depleting energetic influences and begins a holistic self-healing process. This is also known as Mind Body Medicine

Dr. Banis has taken centuries-old chakra and aura theories and put them into the modern day context of biophysics, homeopathy and psychology. This led to the establishment of Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) and the Rubimed™ remedies.

According to PSE, subtle energy flows through the body and is the source of health, vitality and well-being. Illness is associated with emotional trauma that becomes repressed into the subconscious and stored in the human subtle energy field. Unresolved, these unconscious emotional conflicts lead to a reduced flow of energy that contributes to physical, mental and/or emotional disorders.

How does the Reba machine work?

The Reba device emits a frequency that resonates with Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Theta sound waves. Each of these bands of ultra low frequency is associated with their own behavioral and emotional capacities. The higher frequencies such as Alpha and Beta waves tend to be associated with higher physical activity, excitement, coordination and thought processing. The lower frequencies tend to be associated with meditation, introspection, relaxation, deep sleep and dreaming.

The Inventor of the Reba device – physicist Dieter Josner – discovered when one or more of the normal brainwave patterns receive an external intrusion of noise sufficient to disrupt quiet function, the result of the irritation is an involuntary and mild flinch of the thorax. The reaction is very subtle.

Naturopathic Assessment Tool

Using the REBA device, special organ test ampoules can identify functional stresses such as intestinal flora disorders, biliary drainage and pancreas functional disorders. Empirically, they play a key role in many people with long-term feelings of ill health (fatigue, dizziness etc.), eczema, chronic pain as well as vague digestive disorders (nausea, irritable bowel etc.). In addition, the REBA device can detect and consistently treat chronic focal stresses such as sinusitis. The REBA® Test Device can also test out the energetic strength of a particular stress factor, which plays an important role in determining the urgency of therapy as well as in the prognosis. In addition, the REBA® Test Device can reliably forecast the therapeutic effectiveness of many medications. Analogously, it can also determine the harmfulness of particular substances, i.e. in order to prevent side effects.

The device was created to primarily measure and treat emotional blockages that rest in the nervous system, stealing vital energy from the person that could be used for healing, digesting, and leading a vivacious life. For example, it is widely accepted that stress can cause an ulcer, or how stress can precede a cadiac event like a heart attack, or palpitations. These are very real examples of the mind/body connection. Once these blockages have released and a free flow of energy begins, the body does the rest.

Psychoneuroimmunology has established that emotional health and the immune system are deeply interdependent. We know the immune and hormonal systems are influenced by the brain and nervous system. This clearly links the effects of stress and emotional trauma to a weakened immune system leading to slow healing, allergies, chronic infections and autoimmune conditions. Psychosomatic energetics (Mind Body medicine) identifies and addresses unresolved emotional issues, which in turn resolve the physical, emotional and mental symptoms related to the issue. In addition, stress and anxiety are reduced, increased energy on the physical, mental and emotional levels is experienced, the body is better able to detoxify and homeostasis is brought back into balance.

Image of the testing procedure

“Mind Body medicine is what lead me to Naturopathic Medicine. This is one of my favourite modalities of treatment. Patients express a sense of well-being, a change in digestion, and like a piece of the puzzle was restored. There have been some people who were able to make some significant life changes after starting on a treatment plan including the Rubimed remedies. Many patients now come in asking for the ‘blue bottles’ ” – Dr. Donata Girolamo, N.D.

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