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Traditional Chinese Medicine includes the use of acupuncture, herbs and dietary changes to eliminate disease and balance body functions. Acupuncture refers to the insertion of sterilized disposable needles through the skin into underlying tissues at specific points on the body to reduce pain and/or balance the body‘s healing energy. The tongue and pulse assessment are important diagnostic tools in Chinese medicine. They are both used to derive a TCM diagnosis for your condition which is used to plan your treatment. The tongue is also useful as a measurement tool to gauge the progress of a disorder.

AcuGraph’s advanced tools for acupuncture provide greater insight for the patient. AcuGraph helps your Naturopath pinpoint specific issues, choose the most effective treatments, and demonstrate the power of acupuncture with objective proof. AcuGraph is an evolution in acupuncture. Education is a big part of a Naturopathic practice, and is very useful for seeing what until now, has been a theoretical understanding of the meridian system in Chinese Medicine.

AcuGraph gathers its information in a simple, two-minute exam, with measurement points located on the hands and feet for speed and convenience.

Upon exam completion, our exclusive IntelliGraph™ technology provides the most accurate exam verification and interpretation available. You can trust AcuGraph to give you the right information, every time.

“I chose to include AcuGraph as one of my assessment techniques because of the innovative way technology can combine with the ancient art of Chinese Medicine. Patients love seeing their score and graph improve, along with their health concern. The education portion is so valuable too; patients come to learn how their mental wellness, like worry, has been impacting their digestion, or hormones. Or how burning the candle at both ends, has depleted their Kidney energy, and has facilitated weight gain”

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