As I began my journey as a Naturopath, it was my job to create my own style of practice – the art portion of the art and science of Natuopathic medicine. I became a scrutinous observer – was it this homeopathic rememdy that healed this patient, or this herbal combination plus acupuncture that did the trick? As time went on, I began following the advice of elders on what worked, while still watching for a pattern of what helped people the most.

As I have devised many hypotheses, theories, and strategies, one has remained a constant – those with a certain attitude always heal the quickest, no matter what I prescribe. This attitude is an openness and a willingness to try. Some come with an inherent knowing that they will heal, without question of what I (or any other Physician) will do for them. Some come with a fire inside them, eager and motivated. In both cases, I believe that they see their sickness as the illusion that it always is, and don’t attach to it. Whether they would use this wording or not remains the same; they do not fall into the belief that it is permanent for them.

I have seen a wide range of illnesses now – from what the Medical books would label as incurable, difficult to cure, takes a long time to cure, or could go either way. And I have been surprised when a “takes a long time to cure” case, clears up quickly. This brought me to the well-known theory of how a person’s belief can influence the subject it is observing or studying (how researchers can influence experiments, and teachers can influence how well their students perform). So I quickly adopted and maintain a “miracles are possible” attitude, which became easy to do since my patients were teaching me every day that this was fact. This strategy also proved positive, and would express itself through those patients that would forget to mention the symptom they came in for. It was not until I would ask, “how is the excrutiating, unbearable, life-altering xyz you were experiencing? when they would reply, oh ya, thats gone”. I also began noticing with how much ease or difficulty certain remedies/strategies would find their way to me, for me to prescribe (as there are thousands of combinations a Naturopath can choose from). Was this due to my attitude? The patient’s? A combination?

And so I am reminded of a quote by Voltaire, “The art of medicine consists of keeping the patient amused while nature heals the disease”. We are inherently wired to heal. Quantum physics has long ago proven that everything imagined exists (I believe the bible said this first) – including your version of a healthy organ/body. How will this come about for you? Through your attitude, your remedies, time passing, all 3…