The holy grail, the secret, the missing link to overflowing health is found in the title of this blog post. I’m not exaggerating. What do I mean by “Change Your Terrain Through the Microbiome”?

This concept is as old as medicine itself. Today it is (thankfully) gaining more attention and authority due to research on the “microbiome” , or our gastrointestinal health.

Ahh so the answer is a probiotic, right? Well, yes. Ideally we are replenishing seasonally with a probiotic. But that’s not all. Leave it to convention to pinpoint one area; as if there is ever a one-size-fits-all answer.

Where are these bad bacteria supposed to go when we get rid of them? They will exit through the liver and bowels IF these systems can handle the debris. If not, there will be an aggravation of symptoms as inflammation increases to buffer the die-off of the bad bacteria.

Biotherapeutic drainage is a modality that assists the body in eliminating these toxins, and changes the terrain. The terrain is the inner workings of the body. Think of the terrain of land, or a clean flowing river versus a stagnant muddy body of water. Changing the terrain means decreasing inflammation, improving movement, hydration, detox pathways, cell membrane and anti-oxidant status inside the body. Changing the terrain is like arming yourself with proper defence in a world full of toxins – from food, pharmaceutical, environmental and emotional.

Why did it happen that our inner workings are deficient and susceptible to chronic disease? An overuse of anti-biotics, vaccines, denatured foods, abysmal fermented foods, the birth control pill, hormone therapy, lack of breast feeding, stress, environmental toxins, dental work, and other reasons have contributed to the elimination of our microbiome.

Changing your terrain will make your body inhospitable to viruses, bacteria, and other negative influences to your health, hormones, and well-being. You will enjoy long-term health with less intervention and better well-being. Read no allergies, no bladder infections, no cancer, no depression, no IBS, no high blood pressure, no infertility, no arthritis, no insomnia, no fibromyalgia…..equilibrium between you and your environment.

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