The Spleen refers to the body’s ability to transform food, and transport it to its’ proper place.

When one’s digestion is impaired – gas, bloating, nausea, loose stools- this indicates the qi, or life force, of the Spleen is deficient, or impaired. In turn, the body feels heavy or weak, the person feels fatigued, and has a tendency towards obesity.

Factors that harm the spleen are:
Diet – irregular eating habits, eating in excess, and too little protein. The Spleen likes warm foods; in temperature and in energy, ie meat and spices, and dislikes cold foods, ie raw foods, salads, and most fruits and vegetables (raw).

Pensiveness or Worry – thinking too much, brooding about the past, and obsessive thinking. Worry “knots” the qi, which means it stagnates.

The Spleen houses the Intellect – it is responsible for applied thinking, studying, memorizing, focusing, concentrating and generating ideas. If the spleen is strong thinking will be clear. But, excessive study, mental work, and concentration can injure the spleen.

How important proper diet, stress management, and eating hygiene become! Eating in a relaxed, mindful manner, smelling the aroma of the food and chewing many times, will activate the rest and digest mode of the body (the parasympathetic nervous system), fascilitating your natural digestive juices to work at their best.