the Heart is like the Monarch and it governs the mind

The heart has many jobs, the main 2 being to govern the blood and to house the mind. Like western physiology, the heart will control the blood. Housing the mind means the mental activity and consciousness, and also one’s emotional state.

“if the heart is strong and Blood abundant, there will be a normal mental activity, a balanced emotional life, a clear consciousness, a good memory, keen thinking and good sleep. If the heart is weak there may be mental-emotional problems such as depression, poor memory, dull thinking, insomnia, and unconsciousness” Macioca.

Physically, one can experience palpitations, cold hands, shortness of breath, manic behaviour, pale face and lips, and insomnia.

Things that injure the heart, are heat, sadness and grief, a diet lacking in nourishment, or hot energy foods, greasy foods, and alcohol, to name a few.

Like the heart in western tradition, it works in collaboration with all the organs. Each organ has a mental and physical affect, and a imbalance in one, will influence the others.

Today, much emphasis is being placed on “following your heart”. A recent example being Steve Job Co-founder of Apple, and his story of how he didn’t know how it was all going to work out, but he followed his heart, which always knows the way,whether we understand it or not, he said. Just as the heart leads the other organs, it has an inherent knowing, that if listened to, will lead you towards your heart’s content.