Change Your Terrain Through the Microbiome

The holy grail, the secret, the missing link to overflowing health is found in the title of this blog post. I’m not exaggerating. What do I mean by “Change Your Terrain Through the Microbiome"? This concept is as old as medicine itself. Today it is (thankfully) gaining more attention and authority due to research on the “microbiome” , or our gastrointestinal health. Ahh so the answer is a probiotic, right? [...]

Depression – How Does Good Nutrition Affect It?

Depression comes in many guises that have spawned a plethora of labels.  You may have recently started to feel depressed having never experienced this condition before. It may scare you to feel this way and the thought of your emotions being out of your control is indeed a daunting prospect. If you go and see a medical doctor you may be prescribed powerful psychotropic (mind altering) drugs. Besides being addictive [...]

Hypometabolism: A Common Misdiagnosed set of Symptoms Undermining your Best Health.

Do you feel depressed at times, have difficulty losing weight, low libido, water retention, puffy face, irritability and PMS, dry itchy skin, chronic fatigue, heavy periods, and constipation (1 or less bowel movement per day)? You may be experiencing what many people who come into the clinic are experiencing; hypometabolism, also referred to as subclinical hypothyroidism, or metabolic insufficiency. Basically, a decreased metabolic rate. Usually, patients will have their thyroid [...]

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