A Return of Old Symptoms – a Naturopathic phenomenon


Two patients have had a Return of Old Symptoms this month, so I thought I would write about this amazing phenomenon that can happen to naturopathic patients. What is a Return of Old Symptoms?   A Return of Old Symptoms is when, while someone is on their healing journey, they get symptoms of something they [...]

A Return of Old Symptoms – a Naturopathic phenomenon2019-06-05T14:01:41-05:00

Naturopathic Medicine and Auto-Immune diseases

2014-04-14T19:43:14-05:00 Amy Rothman N.D., in huffington postThe New York Times Magazine published a compelling piece this week, "The Boy With a Thorn in His Joints" by Susannah Meadows, written by a mother of little boy who had been diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). After pursuing appropriate diagnostic workups and trying the conventional medical approaches to no avail, Ms. [...]

Naturopathic Medicine and Auto-Immune diseases2014-04-14T19:43:14-05:00