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Some wonderful success stories of how naturopathic medicine transforms psychological and physical illness to long-lasting, empowering wellness.

These are true stories of some of my clients over the years.

Patient had extremely low energy levels and was suffering with chronic anxiety and panic attacks.

We started with adrenal support, and acupuncture to balance her nervous system and meridians, stimulating her own capacity to heal. We found a homeopathic remedy to have on hand, in case a panic attack hit. By her second appointment she had already felt an improvement in energy and had not had any attacks. We discussed individualized nutritional recommendations, and added some liver supporting herbs for digestion, detoxification, and hormonal balance.

At our one month follow up, she reported feeling great, was dealing with stress better, and had not had a panic attack.

Patient with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
For this patient, we started by balancing her stress response. Years of being an overachiever and perfectionist had caused her to be in a constant fight or flight mode.

Our next step was identifying the foods her body could not break down and removed those. Next, we used anti-microbial herbs to downregulate the bad bugs that were hanging out in her GI tract, and regulated her pH so that it was the right terrain for hosting the good bugs.

Her irritable bowel syndrome resolved, and she maintains good digestion through nutrition, probiotics, and minerals.

Newborn baby was experiencing projectile vomiting. Mom was concerned and started chiropractic treatments. We added the homeopathic indicated for babies who cannot keep milk or breastmilk down, and within the week the baby was no longer vomiting.

Patient had a lingering sinus infection for two weeks, combined with an upper respiratory tract infection.

We discussed at-home hydrotherapy, avoiding dairy and wheat, and used combination homeopathic remedies to support her body’s immune system, her own vital force, and detox organs. No antibiotics needed.

I’d like to share an inspiring success story (with permission of course), of the commitment to the health of one of my patients.

She had been trying to conceive a baby for one year when I started seeing her. At that point, biologically speaking, her hormone levels were a bit off balance, and adrenal glands (the stress glands) were fatigued. She was running a successful business, had a fantastic marriage, and wanted to be pregnant yesterday.

For this particular patient, we started with medicinal foods to increase her estrogen to progesterone ratio, a gentle liver detox for hormonal balance and to rid toxins, and added specific supplements to support hormones, and her stress response.

Her homework, was to meditate and visualize her ideal outcome everyday, along with exercise, and spending time on herself, for herself. As she stated to me, if she doesn’t make space in her life, how was a baby going to come along?! So she diligently made time to enjoy life, on top of her very busy schedule.

We also started a 6-week acupuncture protocol, focusing on fertility, and worked on finding her a constitutional homeopathic remedy. Her specific remedy, could only be found in England, so I ordered that, and we waited.

Before the homeopathic remedy arrived, I got the call…”Donata, I’m Pregnant!!!” and in January, we welcomed baby Isaac to the world!

This is my favourite story of the impact one can have when they put their full focus, attention, and intention on their health, and the power of wholistic medicine.

She understood that we could not chase the outcome, rather, build up her health and well-being, and the offspring of that would come naturally.

A patient had miscarried, and was having trouble conceiving since the miscarriage. She was feeling depressed, and very fearful that she wouldn’t conceive, and if she did conceive that a miscarriage would happen again.

We focused on nutrition, along with regulating her sleep and hormonal cycles, with biotherapeutic drainage, and a herbal formula.

She conceived and carried to full term, and is a happy mom and has a healthy baby.

A patient with a chief concern of fertility, on anti-depressants and thyroid medication, was having trouble conceiving a second child.

She already had a deep meditation practice, so we meditated together during her acupuncture sessions.

We used single homeopathic remedies for stress management, and gentle liver detoxification.

She conceived within the year.

Patient had been struggling with the after effects of a bladder infection.

While the bladder infection was gone, she was left with increased frequency, and a constant mild irritated feeling in the urethra. She was constantly worried and anxious that the painful infection would return.

The treatment plan started with Biotherapeutic drainage of the liver and kidneys, and homeopathics specific for her concerns. Then, we removed scar tissue, supported lymphatic drainage, and supplemented with anti-oxidants, using the auricular assessment technique to choose the best suited remedies.

She began to feel relief immediately, and reports no bladder infections, frequency, or irritation over a year later.

Patient with high cholesterol. Refused statins.

We started with First Line Therapy weight loss and chronic disease prevention program, including fish oil with phytosterols, ultrameal 360 medical food, followed by biotherapeutic drainage of the liver.

His cholesterol markers shifted into the desirable range, and he is maintaining with diet, and fish oil.

80 yr old male, CC rheumatoid arthritis. Is a very active man, and along with the pain, he is unable to do his exercises, and play golf.

Came in when found that the prescribed medication was not helping, and the flare-up may have been triggered by starting a new medication, which had listed side effects similar to R.A. Advised he consult his MD to consider a different heart medication.

We started treatment. He noticed moderate improvement in the pain in his hands after the first visit, and significant improvement after the 3rd visit. He also began noticing that he required little to no angina medication anymore, and was sleeping better through the night, originally up 6-7 times per night, to use the bathroom, down to 2-3. He was committed to following his dietary suggestions, taking his remedies, and lifestyle modifications.

After our 5th visit he reports a slight stiffness when clenching his fists, but is pleased that the pain is relieved, and that he will be able to continue his weight lifting regime in the winter.

Baby born with eczema. Mom was still breastfeeding, so we supplemented mom with various types of essential fatty acids – flax, DHA, and probiotic. Baby started an appropriate probiotic, and homeopathic skin detoxifiers. Skin cleared, baby doing well!

E. Coli Infection

A few months after an E. Coli infection, patient presented with IBS like symptoms along with extreme thirst and anxiety. We ruled out conditions such as H.Pylori, diabetes, and an ulcer. Our naturopathic treatment began with avoiding her food intolerances. Next we used the reba device to address the mind-body connection. Her blockage was affecting her endocrine system, and her symptom of extreme thirst subsided quickly after starting the Rubimed remedies. We also used acupuncture to tonify her digestive system. She maintans her good health now by avoiding her food intolerances and coming in for acupuncture tune-ups to help manage stress.

Optimize Her Chances of Fertility

Fertility patient – they had only been TTC for a few months, but she wanted to optimize her chances of fertility. I could tell by her BBT that it shouldn’t take her long to conceive as long as she managed stress better, as it was affecting her liver (according to chinese medicine) and therefore hormones. We utilized biotherapeutic drainage remedies to balance hormones and 12 weeks of acupuncture. During this time we discussed the pressure she placed on herself at work, and how it was influencing her mood and health subconsciously. She became pregnant before the end of the 12 weeks, and delivered a beautiful baby boy : )

Hot Flashes

Post-menopausal woman had been suffering with hot flashes that disrupted her sleep for over 10 years. The sleep deprivation was impacting her overall quality of life. We started with Pascofemin a hormonal regulator, and Biotone EFA an essential fatty acid and antioxidant combination. Her hotflashes resolved within the first 2 weeks. Our next phase of treatment would delve deeper into diet and lifestyle changes to improve liver function and detoxification, and gastrointestinal health.

Panic Attacks

Patient presented with panic attacks, after a period of stress in her life. Her diet was already healthy, she exercised regularly, and had moved through the stressful event but was still having panic attacks daily. We started with a homeopathic combination to re-balance her nervous system, and an anti-oxidant supplement. Next we added liver drainage, and supplemented with micro-minerals. 1 month later she reported no acute panic attacks.

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