I have spent this past week transitioning into a raw food diet using David Wolfe’s The Sunfood Diet Success System. Having heard of the health benefits, I have been drawn to this lifestyle change specifically for the increase in vibrational energy the body achieves, from eating food that has been touched by the sun. David wolf does an excellent job at explaining the life force behind each food, the karma one creates through food, and food as a spiritual tool. And I was ready for a new personal goal to achieve!

It has only been one week, and the benefits are astounding! The way to adopt a raw food diet is through a transitional stage, where you can still incorporate cooked foods, move to an 80:20 ratio, then complete raw foods.

week one (approx 60% raw):
I have consumed at least 12 servings of vegetables a day (aided by juicing)and 10 servings of fruit. I feel amazing, and have noticed changes in my skin tone, elasticity, and texture! (that was after 2 days!). My energy has increased. I have noticed a distinct change in my thoughts. I kicked the caffeine habit without any rebound headache (which blew my mind). The combination as outlined by David Wolfe is 33chlorophyll:33fruit:33fat – this part is a bit tough to adapt to, as that is a lot of fat, albeit good fats. My “good fats” are coming from flax, tahini, spirulina, olives, avocados, nuts and seeds, and coconuts.

the biggest challenge this far for me is the ratio – getting enough chlorophyll (green leafy veg) to fats. Fruits include tomato, cucumber,(anything with seeds) along w your standard fruit, so is easier to fulfill. Letting go of standard ideas of protein sources has also been a challenge.

onto week 2!