Passiflora Incarnata (Passion flower)

This is my favourite herb to help with stress and anxiety, as it is actually known for its ability to stop mind chatter. I have a personal affinity for it, as I took it every night while studying for my Naturopathic Board Exams.

Used when the nervous system is taxed, sleeplessness from overwork, and worry. Sleep induced is peaceful, patient awakes quiet and refreshed. It can help with convultions, and epilepsy.

It assists with decreasing the release of Corisol, a hormone that can be elevated during times of prolonged stress. Because it attaches to specific neurotransmitters, it helps smoker’s quit by alleviating cravings.

How great is that?! This is just a short list of the many functions it has, and it works even better synergystically with other nervine herbs. Think of Passion flower if you’re a student, when life gets stressful, waking you up at 3 am, or are ready to quit smoking.