Dr. Seuss taught us that we are unique. This goes beyond our personalities and talents. Each body is unique. Each person is comprised of a different health history; nutritional, environmental, social, genetic, and psychological, to name a few influences. Even our physiology can be inherently different, human to human, without being expressed as abnormal, or displayed as disease. As we come to understand through medical intuition, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” (Shakespeare).

Medical Intuition can offer individualized medicine through assessing physical, psychological, emotional, and energetic, factors affecting the whole mind-body-spirit of the patient.

Psychological health (mind) – medical intuition can discern what portion is coming from the mind of the client, and what is coming from the body. A tangible example of this was when I heard “you’re not listening” (source mind). This actually may have been considered an overlay as well, as it was a quote from the client’s mother’s mind. The client in this case, was trying to not be affected by her mother’s attempt at making her feel guilty, as her mother often said those words to her. Another facet of psychological health is represented by inner child sidebars. Clients could often deeply relate to the experience of the inner child, and current relevance. This is extremely valuable, for people to be able to understand that a current mindset, fear, or belief, may stem from a deeply rooted decision they made at 5 yrs old. The awareness of this can bring compassion, forgiveness, understanding, and opportunity, to accept it, and change the belief, if they choose to. I have also witnessed a genetic sidebar being responsible for psychological health. In this case, it was through the M.I. scan I received from a practitioner, in which a central thought pattern was passed down through the females of 3 generations.
Emotional health – while this is interwoven in the previous point of psychological health, there are some other aspects not covered there. I found that I often felt in myself, feelings and sensations that were coming from the client’s body. For example, tightness in the chest, anxiety, and devastation.

Physical health (body) – some tangible examples of physical health markers that I have witnessed in performing my scans can range from hormone output or absorption levels, bone density, vascular integrity, bacterial flora, scar tissue, cellular functioning, and glandular functioning. These being only a few physicalities that I was able to connect with in the body. Some of them were expressed as independent factors, and sometimes associated with other factors, such as current emotions, past lives, or overlays. Often times, the client could relate. Sometimes, the client could make connections, to current health issues, and the systems that expressed themselves. An example of this was a client who had symptoms of anxiety, maldigestion, hypertension, and stress. She related her symptoms to the point reflected on about the autonomic nervous system.

Energetic health (spirit)– Miasms, generational, and overlay’s are examples of the energetic aspects that affect our health. These provide another layer to the points already mentioned, and are very valuable to the client’s treatment team.

This truly is individualized medicine, as all factors of health are considered, and voiced from the body. This allows for awareness, depth, and potentially efficient treatment of health conditions.