Sometimes, when fighting an upper respiratory tract infection for weeks, eventhough you have been pumping the vitamin C, oil of oregano, and echinacea, it is more about the fighting capacity of the body, than the potency of natural antibiotic you are on. Another tactic, is to nourish your adrenal glands. They are your source for anti-inflammation and immune regulation. Usually, you will get these types of lingering illnesses when under periods of long-term stress, which is an adrenal depletor. What to do? There are many many herbs and vitamins that replete these precious glands! Today I think I will mention Black Currant Bud, since I just experimented with it with wonderful results during “The 21 Day Rejuvenation” as the adrenal supporter during detoxification. This bud allows the adrenal gland to emit corisone-like inflammatory modulators. One of the reasons most people feel worse in the evenings while sick, is because that’s when cortisol is at its lowest. You will feel better quicker. Amen to that.