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Confirming a treatment plan and getting to the root cause of illness may require laboratory testing.

These advanced diagnostic assessments go beyond the scope of conventional lab tests and can greatly assist in revealing the functional status of your health.

Depending on your signs and symptoms, goals, health history, and physical examination, regular or specialized laboratory testing may be recommended. While we treat humans and not lab results, they can provide a helpful objective marker of your health.


Some of the laboratory tests we use:

Complete Thyroid Panel
This include more than just the TSH. A full thyroid panel is used by Naturopathic doctors to evaluate the health of the thyroid system.

Serum Ferritin and B12
Many people are low in both markers, even when everything looks normal. When analyzed using Naturopathic reference ranges, this standard test is a great indicator of stored iron, B12 levels, absorption, and are important aspects of thyroid, fertility, and metabolic health.

When analyzed using Naturopathic reference ranges, this standard laboratory test is a great indicator of blood sugar regulation.

Hair Elements Analysis Test
Tests various minerals and toxic metals. When minerals are deficient, or bound to toxic metals, this can lead to signs and symptoms of disease. This test is helpful to determine not only mineral and toxin levels, but also digestion and absorption, stress response, metabolic function, and adrenal function.

Salivary Hormone Panel
This test is helpful when signs and symptoms of a hormonal imbalance are present even though blood results appear normal. This is because the saliva picks up metabolized hormones; the blood is measuring the potential of the hormone. Other hormone tests include an Adrenal panel, the DUTCH test, and the Month Long Hormone assessment.

Carroll Food Intolerance Test
This test evaluates which food groups your body does not have the enzymes to break down. Undigested food can ferment in the intestinal tract, leading to toxemia. Toxic by-products can then cause a multitude of problems and weaken the vital force of the body and digestive strength.

IgG Food Sensitivity Test
Symptoms associated with food sensitivities develop slowly over time, create inflammation and contribute to symptoms of a variety of diseases. The RMA FST™ IgG Food Sensitivity test can help identify potential food sensitivities and take the guess work out of your diet.

In-office Testing
These “gateway” tests are often used before more elaborate and expensive tests. They include the dry-blood oxidative stress test, urinary pH, urinary calcium and adrenal (sulkowich and koenisburg), urinary Indican, and zinc tally test.

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