When a person is feeling well, and is in equilibrium with their environment, the body is readily eliminating toxins efficiently. These toxins are the ones we come into contact daily ~ environmental from pollution, the pesticides and additives in our food, heavy metals in our water, pharmaceuticals, and mental negative self-talk, to name some. We eliminate through our breath, sweat, bowels, and mucous membranes.

               The body will create inflammation if there is an abundance of toxins that it is not eliminating, in order to create mobilization of the toxins. This could look like eczema, boils, runny nose, sore throat, tonsillitis, diarrhea, kidney infection, the list goes on. This is the point where it is important for the Doctor to promote the elimination of the toxins, never suppressing this process. For example, using Imodium for diarrhea is suppression. The Naturopath will strive to support what the body is doing, and help the organ system effectively detoxify.

               If the health of the individual gets to the state of Degeneration ~ the invasion of toxins interrupts enzymatic chains, and therefore its self-repair process ~  it will display as auto-immune, organ failure, paralysis, cirrhosis, osteoarthritis to name some illnesses.

               “All diseases are part of a healing process, and are biologically useful. They are attempts at detoxifying the organism and repairing the damage caused by toxins. Illness is a reaction toward self-repair or self-healing” Dr.Gerard Gueniot.

Doesn’t knowing this give you, the reader, a sense of hope? If you experience problems with your health, you can now look at this from the perspective that your body is behaving this way in an attempt to self-regulate. And if you listen closely, you will catch the signs very quickly – fatigue, constipation, allergies, interrupted sleep, cysts, asthma, repeated coughs and colds, bladder infections, the frequent need for Tylenol or advil, skin issues, the list goes on.  Stay aware, and Be well!