“Homeostasis is a state of balance of the internal processes of the body, maintained by various feedback and control mechanisms. The living system seems to know and remember homeostasis, and will return to the most beneficial condition known after a stress or change has been introduced. An accumulation of stress, however, can cause a “blockage to healing,” which prevents this natural rebalancing.

The VAS (Vascular Autonomic Signal) is a physiological response of the neurovascular system of the body to information being brought into its energy field. This response can be manually felt as a pulse change on the wall of the radial artery.

It can be used as an indicator of the whole system’s response to change. It is an indication to which interventions would enable regaining a former level of balance.

Auricular medicine protocols are designed  to lead the assessment into ever-deeper layers of remembered homeostasis  and into ever-greater levels of coherence of the system, and health.

Homeostasis seems to be governed by a harmonized effort of the autonomic nervous system along with the other systems of the body. This whole system reflex in response to stimuli can be read as a change in the pulse, the VAS” .

From “Toward An Integral Energy Medicine Model for Understanding The Vascular Autonomic Signal” by Murial Agnes and Bob Nunley, Ph.D.