Homeopathic remedies provide a gentle and supportive option to women during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. From heartburn to post-partum depression, having a home kit can be very helpful during these times. These are very common, inexpensive, and universal remedies to have on hand.


Heart burn and nausea : Natrium Phosphorus tissue salt – This remedy is useful for bloating, gas, constipation and heartburn. It acts like an antacid, regulating the pH of the stomach. Sepia is the most common remedy for nausea, when even the smell of food nauseates. Ipecac is another remedy to consider, when the nausea lasts all day, and nothing relieves it, not even vomiting. With severe morning sickness, the woman’s adrenal gland may need some support. This is very important to address for the woman so that after birth, post partum depression may be avoided.

Breech baby: Pulsatilla is the number one remedy to turn a breech baby. It is also useful to have on hand for other various problems associated with pregnancy, such as hemorrhoids, varicose veins and constipation. The mother may have anxiety and is worried about the baby, and wants reassurance.


Fear during labor: Aconite – this remedy is helpful if the woman starts to feel restless and panic during labor, and fears she may not make it through the delivery. Feels as though the pain is unbearable and that she may die from it. Can be used weekly in the weeks approaching the labor for women who are fearful.

Labor stops progressing: Gelsemium –  used when the cervix stops dilating.


To help healing time: Arnica – right after labor or c-section.  Staphysagria is helpful for feelings of shock or anger after labor that the woman keeps to herself, especially if a c-section was required.


Exhaustion: Kali Carb – fatigue, and any concern following childbirth such as incontinence, cystitis, anxiety, lower pelvis trauma.

Infection: Belladonnaafterpains or postpartum infections with sudden violent pains and spasmodic contractions with bearing down spasms that come and go quickly. A good remedy for mastitis when there is a sudden onset with a high fever, and the breasts are very red and inflamed.

Perineal tears: Bellis Perennis – Indicated for tears in the perineum or periurethral area after delivery (including episiotomy), helps control the bleeding. Sitz bath (or ointments) with Calendula/Symphytum (comfrey)/Hydrastis/and Achillea – Place loose herbs in a sachet. Place in warm bath of a few inches of water, and let Infuse. Do several times a day.

Depression: Sepia – indicated when woman feels better when separated from the newborn. Mentally exhausted. Helps with hormonal balance after labor. Feels as though whole world has changed because of the new addition.

There are many more homeopathic remedies your Naturopathic doctor can recommend, especially when they know your health history and goals of health care. An individualized home kit can be planned so you can be prepared should something arise during your pregnancy, labor, and post partum.