My journey practicing Auricular medicine is getting deeper and more inspiring every time I do it on a patient. I am becoming more in awe of what the body is signaling, and in what order. The order with which layers are removed is at its own pace, not before. Being an eager and intuitive Naturopath, I often want to present all healing options to the patient right away! The Auricular method though, is very individual. To give you a tangible example, a common pattern that presents, is that first, the Lymphatic system needs clearing. Then, after that, comes the heavy duty cleansers – blood, liver, digestion. This isn’t always the case, but makes sense since the lymph carries toxins out from the body. The 2nd and 3rd visits are exciting and surprising for me, watching what “secret” the body reveals, after the lymphatics have had some movement, clearing, and imprinting.