In all the quantum theory books, mind-body healing books, healthy living books, and now successful business skills books that I have on the go, a similar thread runs through them all. It is the most simple piece of advice, secret ingredient, and necessary foundation, that is the root of all aspirations, and intentions. This one set of habitual living skills, is the answer to longevity, affluence, happiness, and fulfillment…

Drum roll….

the secret, is supplying the body with exactly what it needs to run optimally.
-healthy diet and h2o
-balanced work and home life
-creative outlet

It is this commitment to nurturing the self, that help all other pursuits grow. Let’s take an example in which this connection is not obvious. How do the basic guidelines of health help one find a more fulfilling job?

eating a healthy diet full of vegetables, fruit, grains, fish, and poultry contain nutrients to support energy, mood, stamina, and overall physical function. They contain a live vibrational force that is not found in dead, processed, packaged food. This also true of water, and exercise. When job searching, it is vital to stay positive, and in top form, to impress the powers that be that you’re the wo/man for the job!

meditation/prayer keeps your mental clarity, allows you to stay centered and have faith that the perfect job is out there for you, and keeps the fears, doubts, and worry that accompanies job dissatisfaction or loss, in check.

Fostering your creativity keeps you in harmony with life – life creates – look at trees, animals, flowers. You create – think of when you were a kid, and painted, played superhero, or sherlock holmes. It comes naturally. Nurturing your creativity keeps life moving, and could even spring into a potential business.

A simple example, is that of weight loss. When the body is carrying extra weight, it is felt in other areas of life; in stagnant relationships, job dissatisfaction, physical complaints, etc. In a majority of these cases, the person is not attending to the basic guidelines of health listed above. You see in many commercials, people stating how their whole lives changed once they lost that extra weight – confidence soared, relationships became more fulfilling, enjoyed better quality of living, and received promotions or new jobs. The same means to any end.

so simple! it seems that all life’s most pressing problems have the simplest answers.