Dr. Aoife Earls MSc, ND

Hi, I’m Aoife (pronounced “ee-fa”, it’s Gaelic) Earls. What led me to naturopathic medicine was actually a form of eczema caused by celiac disease, and after completing my masters in neuroscience and something called PNI (psychoneuroimmunology, or how the mind-body-immune system are involved in health), I was looking for answers. I went down a long road with herbal medicine, meditation, therapy, and I’m thankful to say I can keep my chronic inflammation at bay with naturopathy. I feel passionate to share my knowledge on mind-body healing with others.

I lecture at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and prepare future naturopaths in the language of psychology, and teach on the topics of grief, sustainable self-care, creativity and play for burnout and fatigue in Canada and Australia. I’m also a licensed grief group facilitator. I write for many publications online; the Canadian Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, Naturopathic Publications and Integrative Health Practitioners. I’ve been told it’s like seeing a therapist and doctor all in one; my hope is that you will learn all you can about yourself so you can live a meaningful and joyful life.

I enjoy treating conditions where the mind and body meet, and supporting those issues, including burnout and IBS, skin disorders and depression, grief and insomnia, challenging menstrual periods and long-term stress. I like using a combination of lifestyle changes and herbal medicine to facilitate those changes. I like to throw in a little meditation too!

In my spare time, you’ll find me walking trails, heading to local wineries, or bike riding with my family.

For more info about Dr. Aoife, please check out https://www.draoife.com/