Mercury retrogrades are great times to review, rewrite, and reconstruct. Often times, a current structure will crumble, so it can be built again on a stronger foundation. I’ve experienced and witnessed it many times. I am currently transitioning the organization of my practice, and also the structure of my daily habits. I have decided to live life according to my priorities. I hear all the time, “there’s no time” – people say this about things they say they want, or love. And when life happens to us, that reality becomes true.

Years ago I asked, is it realistic to meditate for 2 hours/d?? The visionary I asked, replied with, “what do you think?” and my answer was, that the person I want to be probably meditates for 5 hours/d. I was laughing, but was completely serious, laughing more at my first question of what is realistic. Realistic can be whatever I want it to be. I CAN organize my life around meditating for 2 hours a day. That is a completely legitimate and normal thing to do, and the wisest. Another hour devoted to exercise. My practice. Inspiration. And fun. All of these priorities make me a better Naturopath.

All of your priorities will make you a better mom, person, whatever it is your vocation is. Do what you have to do, to live your priorities – get a babysitter, a personal trainer, wake up a little earlier, see a therapist, cook your week’s worth of healthy meals on sunday, get inspiring audio books for the commute. There IS time! Become timeless.