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Just because everyone around you is getting sick this season, doesn’t mean you have to!

Many patients describe that they are the only ones who don’t get sick during cold and flu season, when in the past they had been right there in the trenches with their friends and family.

The reason they enjoyed a healthy season was due to the tonification and detoxification process of Naturopathic Medicine which inherently strengthens the immune system.

When your immune system isn’t bogged down dealing with toxins, stress hormones, and food sensitivities, it is free to do what it was made to do – protect you from invaders like the cold and flu.

Cold and Flu prevention this winter

1. Water
Ensure you are drinking 1.5-2 ltrs of room temperature water daily. Cold water in winter can impair the spleen in Chinese medicine, which douses your digestive fires! And as we know, good health starts with digestion!

2. Vitamin D
Studies have found that those who take 2,000 IU per day of Vit D all year are less likely to need anitbiotics. Vitamin D is an anti-viral and is a nutrient that actually has the capacity to kill the flu virus. Increase to 4,000 IU per day from Oct – March.

3. Flu Kit
We are offering a packaged cold and flu kit for patients at Dalhousie Health and Wellness. This program is excellent for prevention and treatment of colds, flus, achiness, sore throats, and congestion. Best of all it is suitable for the whole family, including babies and the elderly and does not interfere with any medications.

4. Nutrition
A whole foods diet is always central to health. This includes whole and sprouted grains, legumes, fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, fish, chicken, turkey and moderate amounts of organic grass fed beef. Sweets, salty foods, excess dairy, eggs, and other mucus and acid forming foods will result in lowered immune function and lengthier sick-times.

5. Of course, sleep, exercise, and stress management are important.
These ensure our foundation is solid. When we get sick, we can ask ourselves which of these pillars are shaky? Oh and don’t forget to wash those hands regularly!

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