We recently updated some of our favorite client transformation stories here.

Take a look to see a first-hand account of how naturopathic medicine works with the individual needs of each person, to get to the root of illness and create long-lasting wellness.

An example of a recent client case study:

Balance and detox for chronic anxiety

A patient had extremely low energy levels and was suffering with chronic anxiety and panic attacks.

We started with adrenal support and acupuncture to balance her nervous system and meridians, stimulating her own capacity to heal. We recommended a homeopathic remedy to have on hand, in case a panic attack hit.

By her second appointment, she had already felt an improvement in energy and had not had any attacks. We discussed individualized nutritional recommendations, and added some liver supporting herbs for digestion, detoxification, and hormonal balance.

At our one month follow up, she reported feeling great, was dealing with stress better, and had not had a panic attack.

Dr. Girolamo

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