A Return of Old Symptoms – a Naturopathic phenomenon


Two patients have had a Return of Old Symptoms this month, so I thought I would write about this amazing phenomenon that can happen to naturopathic patients. What is a Return of Old Symptoms?   A Return of Old Symptoms is when, while someone is on their healing journey, they get symptoms of something they [...]

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A Life Alive


in honour of the full moon in Virgo ~ Virgo stands for the woman owning herself as a whole. Full moons denoting culminations, endings, getting rid of what's not working for you, preparing you to step back on your path if you've gone astray. TO see a World in a grain of sand, And a [...]

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“Fear can be inherited through sperm”


Check out the article here "The research claims to provide evidence for the concept of animals "inheriting" a memory of their ancestors' traumas, and responding as if they had lived the events" In my medical intuition training, it is recognized that people can carry generational memories from many generations past. Homeopathy takes this into consideration with [...]

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Dysbiosis: A Common Root Cause of Sub-Optimal Health


Do you have Dysbiosis (bacterial imbalance) in your Gastro-intestinal tract?Causes of bacterial imbalance:intestinal overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria, parasitic or fungal infectionintestinal mucosal permeability (leaky- gut)history of antibiotic or pharmaceutical useprotein maldigestion (or excessive intake) due to low stomach acid, or enzymesconsumption of foods not recommended for your blood type or food sensitivitiesconstipationbile duct obstructionaccelerated protein [...]

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