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William Blake writes about Prana and Qi


  "Don't think that *prana* is an Eastern concept unknown to the western mind. The 18th Century romantic poet William Blake wrote: Man has no Body distinct from the Soul! for that called Body is a portion of Soul discerned by the five Senses,  the chief inlets of Soul in this age. Energy is the [...]

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Fertility for the Advancing Woman


Check out my latest blog post on the NaturalPath website. "Many women are delaying having kids due to “career priorities, advanced education, control over fertility, financial concerns, late and second marriages, and infertility”.1 Often, women start to feel pressure from medical professionals, family, and friends, telling them that it’s all downhill for fertility from 35 and [...]

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“Fear can be inherited through sperm”


Check out the article here "The research claims to provide evidence for the concept of animals "inheriting" a memory of their ancestors' traumas, and responding as if they had lived the events" In my medical intuition training, it is recognized that people can carry generational memories from many generations past. Homeopathy takes this into consideration with [...]

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Medical Intuition


Dr. Seuss taught us that we are unique. This goes beyond our personalities and talents. Each body is unique. Each person is comprised of a different health history; nutritional, environmental, social, genetic, and psychological, to name a few influences. Even our physiology can be inherently different, human to human, without being expressed as abnormal, or [...]

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