by Dr. Noelle DeVos, ND I am proud to say I am on track with planting seedlings for my garden this year! Gardening is one of my absolute favourite summertime hobbies —  I can literally feel the day’s stress melt away and my body/mind relax when I garden. Why am I talking about gardening? Because TIME IN NATURE is so crucial not only four our mental and physical wellness as [...]

Infant Dermatitis ~ heal the skin from the inside out ~ case study

6 month old sweet baby boy came in for his full body eczema. Mom said it started after his first vaccination, and has continued to get worse with the introduction of food. He is formula fed and was already taking a probiotic. We started with drainage remedies that are used to eliminate toxins, metals, and strengthen the flora. Mom said this helped the eczema clear up significantly. When we got [...]

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