5 Proven ways to Promote a Smooth, Natural Labour

Did you know that you can potentially influence the type of labor you experience? Many women are opting to try as many natural avenues as possible, to have a birth experience that they can actually enjoy, and look back on with fond memories. This doesn’t mean trying to control the experience; but rather preparing the body and mind to go with what is naturally occurring. Here are 5 ways that [...]

Homeopathy for a Natural Pregnancy

A GENTLE AND SUPPORTIVE OPTION DURING PREGNANCY Homeopathic remedies provide a gentle and supportive option to women during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. From heartburn to post-partum depression, having a home kit can be very helpful during these times. These are very common, inexpensive, and universal remedies to have on hand. PREGNANCY Heart burn and nausea : Natrium Phosphorus tissue salt – This remedy is useful for bloating, gas, constipation and [...]

The Callous Girl’s Guide to a Broken Heart

“The hottest love has the coldest end” - Socrates Pop culture has been built on love - on finding it, maintaining it, abusing it, idealizing it. On the repercussions of it. So it is not surprising that many patients describe the onset or exacerbation of their illness as starting after a break-up, a divorce, or worse! – unrequited love. At its best, a broken heart can be used as a [...]

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