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New Fall Offering for Cold and Flu Season – Dr. Noelle DeVos, ND

Fall marks a change in seasons, which leads to the dreaded cold and flu season. Post-pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in community infections — upper respiratory tract infections, influenza, strep infections, RSV, shingles, etc. For this reason, we have decided to bring a new fall offering to the clinic: Naturopathic Immunity Clinic Visits! The Naturopathic Immunity Clinic visit is all about supporting your immune system so it can support you! It is a [...]

Another Winters’ Cold and Flu Prevention Program Comes To an End

For the past 4 years, I have been running an immune supportive program from September through April. This years' participants did just as well as all the other years. The goal is to: Take a proactive approach during the winter months, when sunshine is less, activity may be less, and nutrition and sleep may suffer from the series of holidays – Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas and holiday parties, and new years [...]

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Health Benefits of Constitutional Hydrotherapy By altering blood and lymph flow, circulation and detoxification can be enhanced, while inflammation and pain are decreased. Immune system activity, particularly white blood cell count, increases. Improvements in digestive system function, sleep quality, energy level, and stress response are often reported. Cell function improves, which can have a healing effects anywhere in the body. Medicine has long recognized the the mechanical effects of [...]

Trace Minerals: Essential for Health and Healthy Aging

From the hair on your head to the bones that support you and the blood that runs through you, your body relies on minerals for optimal health. Minerals are broken into two categories: macrominerals and trace minerals. Since the body cannot make minerals, we must get them from food or water. Many foods and vitamin formulas contain the major macrominerals, such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. The challenge is trace [...]

Cold and Flu Prevention

(this article was originally published on Just because everyone around you is getting sick this season, doesn't mean you have to! Many patients describe that they are the only ones who don't get sick during cold and flu season, when in the past they had been right there in the trenches with their friends and family. The reason they enjoyed a healthy season was due to the tonification [...]

Thriving during the holidays to ensure a healthy start to 2020!

(This blog post was originally posted December 2017, and has been updated December 2019.) I love the holidays; the parties, the markets, the generosity. All bringing us together to celebrate and enjoy the spirit and each others’ company. And the spirit and company usually come with one or more sides of dairy, sugar, wheat, alcohol, caffeine, overeating, under sleeping, and overfilled schedules! Here are five really great suggestions to [...]

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Safe and Natural Flu Prevention and Treatment

Flu season is around the corner. Even if the whole world is hyper focused on one bug, all the other ones are still around. This means you can just get regular sick still ;) Did you know, that our diet and lifestyle choices from 3 months prior to winter can affect our chances of getting the flu, and how easily we recover? Time to start preparing today. Here are [...]

Immune Support with Naturopathic Medicine

The immune system is such an elegant symphony. Have you ever wondered why you get sick in the winter when you do all the right things, like eat healthy, take your vitamin D and Echinacea? If avoiding the cold, flu, bronchitis, strep, and sinus infections is important to you, consider a personalized approach with Dr. Donata Girolamo, Naturopathic Doctor. Many patients have been able to avoid illnesses and even increase [...]

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