French & German Auricular Medicine

Using the VAS (the vascular autonomic system) to prioritize layers of healing.

Foundations of Fertility Part 1: Stress Management

Dr. Donata Girolamo, N.D. explains in this 5-part series how to build a strong foundation to improve conception rates, labour experiences, and have a healthy baby. Stress is commonly overlooked and not considered as an obstacle to natural conception. I’ve chosen to write about it as part 1 of Foundations of Fertility, because stress is now acknowledged as being the cause for many disease processes.1 Managing stress better and initiating [...]

Remembering Homeostasis with your Pulse (VAS) "Homeostasis is a state of balance of the internal processes of the body, maintained by various feedback and control mechanisms. The living system seems to know and remember homeostasis, and will return to the most beneficial condition known after a stress or change has been introduced. An accumulation of stress, however, can cause a "blockage to healing," which prevents this natural rebalancing. The VAS (Vascular Autonomic Signal) is [...]

Change Your Terrain Through the Microbiome

The holy grail, the secret, the missing link to overflowing health is found in the title of this blog post. I’m not exaggerating. What do I mean by “Change Your Terrain Through the Microbiome"? This concept is as old as medicine itself. Today it is (thankfully) gaining more attention and authority due to research on the “microbiome” , or our gastrointestinal health. Ahh so the answer is a probiotic, right? [...]

Thyroid and Sinus Connection

The auricular assessment allows me to check for areas in the body that harbour infections, like the teeth, sinuses, gallbladder, and prostate. These areas are small and walled off, making them prone to an imbalance in bacteria, and hard for the immune system to penetrate. I checked my patient for a sinus blockage, as she reports chronic stuffiness, and decreased sense of smell. She had already limited/eliminated dairy consumption, with [...]


It is commonly accepted in the Naturopathic community, that the cause of Acne is rooted in the gastro-intestinal tract. I recently found via the Auricular Assessment, that another root cause can be contributed by the Central Nervous System which affects the GI tract. In a research study by Colins and Bercik titled The relationship between intestinal microbiota and the central nervous system in normal gastrointestinal function and disease, they write: [...]

Vital Elements of Auto-Immune Challenges: Honouring the body’s wisdom

Listen to the clip below explaining how Naturopathic Medicine approaches healing the body using Auricular Medicine, and explaining the connection between food sensitivities and Auto-Immune conditions. By Dr. K.C. Bateman, N.D.

Healing really IS like layers of an onion

My journey practicing Auricular medicine is getting deeper and more inspiring every time I do it on a patient. I am becoming more in awe of what the body is signaling, and in what order. The order with which layers are removed is at its own pace, not before. Being an eager and intuitive Naturopath, I often want to present all healing options to the patient right away! The Auricular method [...]

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