Anxiety & Depression


by Dr. Noelle DeVos, ND I am proud to say I am on track with planting seedlings for my garden this year! Gardening is one of my absolute favourite summertime hobbies —  I can literally feel the day’s stress melt away and my body/mind relax when I garden. Why am I talking about gardening? Because TIME IN NATURE is so crucial not only four our mental and physical wellness as [...]


Many patients walk through my office door having struggled with chronic pain and fatigue for many years, having very little idea of what they can do about it. Often these patients believe there is nothing that can be done to manage their symptoms beyond the standard treatments they’ve already tried. A surprisingly high percentage of these patients actually have: A wrong diagnosis (ie. they’ve been told they have fibromyalgia, and [...]

Trace Minerals: Essential for Health and Healthy Aging

From the hair on your head to the bones that support you and the blood that runs through you, your body relies on minerals for optimal health. Minerals are broken into two categories: macrominerals and trace minerals. Since the body cannot make minerals, we must get them from food or water. Many foods and vitamin formulas contain the major macrominerals, such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. The challenge is trace [...]

Client Success Stories, updated

We recently updated some of our favorite client transformation stories here. Take a look to see a first-hand account of how naturopathic medicine works with the individual needs of each person, to get to the root of illness and create long-lasting wellness. An example of a recent client case study: Balance and detox for chronic anxiety A patient had extremely low energy levels and was suffering with chronic anxiety [...]

Homeopathy for a Natural Pregnancy

A GENTLE AND SUPPORTIVE OPTION DURING PREGNANCY Homeopathic remedies provide a gentle and supportive option to women during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. From heartburn to post-partum depression, having a home kit can be very helpful during these times. These are very common, inexpensive, and universal remedies to have on hand. PREGNANCY Heart burn and nausea : Natrium Phosphorus tissue salt – This remedy is useful for bloating, gas, constipation and [...]

5 Awesome Herbs to take During Pregnancy

Herbs are a wonderful and nourishing addition throughout a woman’s pregnancy. On top of a clean and nutritious diet, herbs can be used to provide a therapeutic effect; they provide more absorbable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than taking supplemental isolated vitamins and minerals.1Pregnant women not only need more vitamins and minerals during pregnancy due to the nature of it, but also lose more. For example, “kidney function changes to handle [...]

Raw Food Life

I have spent this past week transitioning into a raw food diet using David Wolfe's The Sunfood Diet Success System. Having heard of the health benefits, I have been drawn to this lifestyle change specifically for the increase in vibrational energy the body achieves, from eating food that has been touched by the sun. David wolf does an excellent job at explaining the life force behind each food, the karma [...]

Seasonal Affective Disorder

*Article published in Health Wellness and Safety Magazine Seasonal Affective Disorder – A Call for Balance As we get deeper into our Canadian winter, the nights get longer and the days overcast and crisp, many of us notice a shift in our mood and sense of well-being. Some experience a dramatic decrease in energy and motivation, feelings of depression and irritability, an increased desire for sleep, or sleep interruption, and [...]

Ask and It Is Given

So many women endanger their health and well-being because of what Arlie Russell Hochschild has termed “the second shift” i.e. working a full-time job, and coming home to put in another shift of housework and childrearing. Little time is left for self-care – exercise, sleep, hobbies, and relationships. This leaves women with those pounds that just won’t budge, increased menopausal symptoms, and an overall feeling of discontent. But what can [...]

The Callous Girl’s Guide to a Broken Heart

“The hottest love has the coldest end” - Socrates Pop culture has been built on love - on finding it, maintaining it, abusing it, idealizing it. On the repercussions of it. So it is not surprising that many patients describe the onset or exacerbation of their illness as starting after a break-up, a divorce, or worse! – unrequited love. At its best, a broken heart can be used as a [...]

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