I love the body. I love everything about the body. I love how it has no ego, and willingly and lovingly adapts to our crazy life, our lifestyle, our desires, our mistakes, and especially our nurturing. I love how you’re notified right away if something is wrong, with you or a loved one, by that knawing feeling in your stomach. I love how its’ orchestra of hormones function flawlessly while we do 10 things at once, paying no attention to it in the least. We eat, and work, push it to its limits at the gym, create another human being inside it – and what does it do? It digests, it thinks, it expands its muscles and aerobic capacity, and makes a perfect home for a fetus. I love its’ symptoms – a rash, insomnia, constipation…as these are its’ voice. Are you listening to the voice of your perfect body?