I recently attended a seminar about women’s health and nutrition lead by Dr. Ginger Nash, ND. She really tied together many of the concepts, philosophies, and techniques that I use in practice which made it very inspiring. Namely, Biotherapeutic drainage and the Bio-impedance analysis. One area I had not explored too thoroughly was the blood type diet, originated by Dr. Peter D’adamo. She worked with him and thousands of patients, using the blood type diet as a basis for nutritional recommendations and as an insight into how the person manages various stress hormones.

In the past, I have had a handful of patients who have tried the blood type diet (before coming to see me), and had found that they felt better when they followed it. This anecdotal evidence was great, but since it was only a few people who had reported such benefits, I didn’t feel as though I could begin recommending it. I would have tried it on myself, however I already ate in the way that benefits my blood type. (What a cool co-incidence, that my known food intolerances as discerned by the Carroll food test are in alignment with my blood type intolerances).

After the seminar, this article popped up on my social media stream 6 Ways Blood Type Can Influence Personal Health . It is a great synopsis of the important differences between blood types such as how each manages stress, and what type of exercise benefits each group. Have a read and see if you can relate.

I am now carrying the blood grouping test in office for people who do not know their blood type. While I wouldn’t suggest stressing out and being strict about following the guidelines to a tee, they may serve as a foundation to build upon.