“It can be hypothesized that the ingestion of endocrine disruptor (ED) metabolites (from the water supply and food chain) can result in detrimental outcomes for males and females, such as prostate and breast cancer, infertility and C-sections; either through mechanisms of hormonal imbalance or dysfunctional metabolism. Physiological and biological mechanisms of action thought to be involved include creation of a state of estrogen dominance, and that EDs can alter the morphology and function of sperm and the estrogen receptor. Although further evidence is needed to establish causation between an increased use of the BCP, a high level of metabolites in the water supply, and an increasing number of reproductive diseases, the alarming patterns between these variables warrant additional study”

At our clinic, we encourage your organs of detoxification to release these harmful metabolites, using a gentle form of detoxification called biotherapeutic drainage, acupuncture, and by using supplements that encourage the elimination of estrogens.

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“Endocrine Disruptors”