Is your internal environment fostering health, or breeding long-term imbalance? Include these 3 foods to create a foundation of health.

1. Raw Garlic – chop it up finely and add it to your salads, or add to any dish after it has been cooked. The allicin in garlic helps with cold and flu prevention, cholesterol metabolism, and parasite expulsion.

2. Pumpkin seeds – 1-2 tbsp per day of raw or lighly roasted, contribute to hormonal regulation, and are an essential fatty acid from a plant source. They will help expel parasites from the digestive tract, and are a good source of zinc.

3. Apple-cider vinegar – 1 tbsp in 8 oz of water before meals enhances digestion and vitamin and mineral absorption. Research has shown that those with blood sugar disorders, such as type 2 diabetes, had significantly increased insulin sensitivity and dramatically reduced insulin and glucose spikes after meals.

Adding these 3 foods to your day will enhance your immune system, your digestion, decrease inflammation, and regulate blood sugar – all important foundations to your long-term health-care.